Day 7: October 2, 2004 - Animals & Arches

This post showcases some of my favorite photos of the variety of colors and textures that can be found in Zion National Park. The contrast between blue sky or green plants and the beautiful red rock found here is also a unique beauty.

by Karen Williams

Cheeky Lizard

This lizard must have been thirsty, he was posing for me right by the river! He was staring at me so intently, I spent several minutes watching and photographing him. And I love his cheeky grin!

by Karen Williams

Bug Eyes

I love the colors on this dragonfly. I have never seen a bug this blue before or since I caught this little guy on camera.

by Karen Williams

Shapes of Nature

Another example of how many fascinating shapes and textures can be found in nature. I am constantly amazed as I examine plants, rocks, trees, animals, how much variety there is. It is a nice reminder for me of how amazing our planet is, and how important that we take the time to appreciate the wonders of nature.

by Christian Williams

Kolob Arch

This arch is the second largest natural arch in the world, just behind the famous Landscape Arch in Moab, Utah. It is only shorter by three feet. Well worth the hike to see it!

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