Day 6: October 1, 2004 - La Verkin Creek Trail

The La Verkin Creek Trail, in the Kolob section of Zion, offers hikers the possibility for backcountry camping and hiking. These photos are from day 1 of an overnight trip near the La Verkin Creek.

by Karen Williams

No Pat No, Don't Sit on That!

I enjoy scenic landscapes, but I often look around me for unusual plants, rocks, or flowers -- the small things most people miss. This photograph of a funky spiral shaped branch was taken with my 1:1 macro lens.

by Christian Williams

Jacuzzi Tub

On a hot summer's day it would be nice to return to this spot. But we arrived on a brisk fall evening. Instead of swimming in the cool water, we filtered it and made hot chocolate.

by Karen Williams

The only tarantula I have ever seen in the wild. Tarantula's are rare in Zion, but the best opportunity to see one is in the fall, their mating season.

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365 Days in Zion National Park

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