Day 25: 10/20/2004 - The Flood

by Christian Williams
Rain from the previous night continued this day, which brings the canyon walls of Zion National Park alive with waterfalls.

by Christian Williams
This roadside fall is a favorite photo-spot by people driving through East Zion when it rains. I love the way the water twists and bends its way down the crack in the rock face as it searches for the path of least resistance.

by Christian Williams
As I was taking pictures on my tripod, I looked back at the ground and really liked the arrangement of my 2nd camera, casually strewn behind me in the wet sand--it almost looks like it belongs in an ad. Or it stands as an example of how not to treat several thousand dollars worth of camera gear... (p.s. don't ask to buy my used cameras).

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365 Days in Zion is a photo experience by Karen and Christian Williams. Together, we spent an entire year in Zion National Park amidst snow, rain, flash floods, brush fires, and the beautiful sunny blue skies that typify Southern Utah in the United States of America.

365 Days in Zion National Park

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