Day 24: 10/19/2004 - Watchman Towers & Eye of the Tree Frog

by Christian Williams
The Watchman Tower is one of the most photographed scenes in Zion National Park, with photographers crowded around the Virgin river nearly every day at sunset. This put the pressure on me to capture a good photograph. I hiked away from the pack, and set-up my tripod and camera as close to the water as I could get, without getting too wet. The lighting was even, but not spectacular. Still the Watchman has a nice glow to it that occurs nearly every day for about 30 seconds as the sun sets.

by Christian Williams
On the way back, I caught a glimpse of rapid movement within a small crack of a large bolder. On closer inspection I found this canyon tree frog burrowed inside the rock. It had backed itself into a corner, and was just barely visible if I rested the 100mm macro lens on the crack. Its eye looks amazing!

by Christian Williams
Spotting the first tree frog led me to look around for more, and I found this red spotted toad. In Zion, if you stand still for 10 minutes, and slowly look around, you'll notice the land is teaming with insects and wildlife. I was sad Karen wasn't with me this day, as she is usually the one taking these kinds of pictures.

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