Day 13: October 8, 2004 - Coal Pits Wash Snake Encounter

by Christian Williams

Coal Pits Wash

Off to the side of Highway 9 is a dry wash called Coal Pits Wash. We decided to take a two day backcountry hike along the wash. It was a dry, hot day and we started late in the afternoon, making the hike a little challenging - not in essentials, but because we were unfamiliar with the area and unsure of how long it would take us to find a suitable place to get water and camp. However, the area is beautiful, rugged country, and well worth the time we spent exploring.

by Christian Williams

Rattle Snake

Of course this picture was taken by Christian, because Karen was standing far away, saying, "Get away from the snake, you are going to get bit, and I can't carry you once you do!" This was my one and only encounter with a rattle snake other than at the zoo, and it was indeed frightened of us, and trying to slither away, while Christian followed it to take this shot of the snake sticking its tongue out at him.

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