Day 12: October 7, 2004 - Bridge Mountain Sunrise

by Christian Williams

After spotting a herd of mountain sheep on the previous day, I returned to a similar location in Zion hoping to find the herd again. I hiked further up the next side canyon, and did not see any trace of the herd, but I was intrigued by the shadows spread at sunrise across the canyons of Zion. The canyons and Bridge Mountain (top left) emerge from the blackness below. I tried to position myself in a location to get a Ponderosa Pine tree to line-up directly in front of Bridge Mountain, but wasn't able to get in the right spot on this day.

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365 Days in Zion is a photo experience by Karen and Christian Williams. Together, we spent an entire year in Zion National Park amidst snow, rain, flash floods, brush fires, and the beautiful sunny blue skies that typify Southern Utah in the United States of America.

365 Days in Zion National Park

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