Day 259: June 11, 2005 - June Snow on the West Rim

by Karen Williams
We got up this morning and packed our tents. In the middle of our hike, the mother of all freezing rain storms poured down on us; worse than we have ever seen it. With the weather we figured now wasn't the time to descend down 2000 feet of narrow rock ledges. So we turned and hiked back out to the range station at Kolob campgrounds to beg a ranger for a ride to our car. Before long the freezing rain turned to snow. It was very cold and wet. We hadn't taken any pictures at this point, so we stopped by Kolob after getting our car and took a few shots just to say we did.

by Karen Williams
On the way back over Cedar mountain, we documented the snow with cousin Amy. None of us had winter clothes, as it was almost the middle of June! Here's the Zion overlook, which on a clear day you can see all the way down into Zion, but it was now being hammered with freezing rain and snow.

by Christian Williams
Nothing to do with Zion, but we were cold, wet, miserable and hungry. So, with the day over, we decided to head down to St. George and stop byOutback Steakhouse. The camera was so soaking wet by this time the sensor and lenses were completely fogged up, but it was good enough for a "Toyota!" jump shot. With the prospect of a steak dinner and cheese fries a head, no one was feeling unhappy by this point.

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