Day 252: June 4, 2005 - Echo Canyon and Observation Point Trail

by Christian Williams
Hiking down the Observation Point trail is rewarded with a spectacular view of the Big Bend in the Virgin River and the stunning white cliffs of Cathedral mountain behind it. Notice the switchbacks from the trail to Hidden Canyon in the bottom left.

by Christian Williams
This photo was taken further back in Echo Canyon, as we hiked down from the East Rim, looking out across Echo Canyon in into Main Canyon.

by Christian Williams
Normally we only post 1-2 pictures per day, even though it's often hard to pick. But today, we are including a few extra since Echo Canyon is an area of Zion we didn't photograph very often since it requires a long overnight hike.

by Karen Williams
The trail to Oberservation Point and Hidden Canyon is spectacular. And dangerous if you're not careful.

by Christian Williams
The intrepid hiking crew. Karen on the left, cousin Amy, uncle Bill, and Chris on the right. We spent a week together hiking in Zion, and this was just day 2.

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