Day 238: May 21, 2005 - Upper Emerald Pool

by Christian Williams
Karen and I hiked up to the Upper Emerald Pools, a beautiful hike with wonderful views of the main canyon, and with so much water this year, the waterfalls were spectacular as well. When we reached the uppermost waterfall, we noticed these hikers rappelling down the falls. I have no idea what hike ends at the top of the falls, but it is a long way down from there!

by Christian Williams
A picture of the whole waterfall to give a perspective of how large it is. If you look closely you can see the rappelling hikers.

by Karen Williams
Although I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, I also found this great lizard with a beautiful blue belly. Uncle Bill, I am sorry I can't remember the name, I know you must have taught us what this little guy is called on one of our many hiking trips! I love the varied textures and patterns in this scene, with the rough bark next to the orderly, spiny lizard scales.

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Unknown said...

In case your still curious, the hike that ends up their is Heaps Canyon. They say it is the most challenging canyon in Zion. That is a 280 foot rappel!!! Great shot!

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