Day 211: April 24, 2005 - Fragrant Sand Verbena

by Karen Williams
As the sun was setting, I decided to go walk near the river, hoping to take some interesting photographs with the reflections on the water. However, as I walked toward the river, I found this small patch of flowers. Their scent was surprisingly strong and sweet. I was surprised. I had not seen these before in Zion, and spent the next hour taking pictures of them.

It wasn't until later that I came across an entire field of Fragrant Sand Verbena in Zion's backcountry. Then I realized Sand Verbena is commonly facing up. It is only in the evening, as the light from the sun is fading, that the flowers turn over like shown in this photograph.

An interesting note on this photograph. After setting up the tripod and exploring the best angles, I took several photos of the flowers with the surrounding background visible. The sudden thought occured to me that I'd like to isolate the flowers, with nothing else visible, so I took off my jacket and placed it in the background to block out all the ambient light. The resulting photograph ended up being one of my favorites.

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