Day 128: January 31, 2010 - The Eagles

by Christian Williams

Winter in Zion National Parks brings the eagles. The eagles live in Zion year round, but during the winter when small game gets more difficult to find, the eagles come closer to the road. Why? Roadkill. These awesome predators of nature sit and wait in tall trees in view of the road, waiting for a car to drive by and put an end to some other animal's life, so the eagle can get a free lunch. With the 500mm lens I could get really close. This shot was cropped only a tiny bit,  and not to "Zoom in" on the bird, but to crop out part of a distracting branch.

by Christian Williams

I'd passed by eagles several times before. I found the best way to get the shot is not to try to sneak up on the bird. Whenever I tried that, they'd fly away. But if I immediately stopped the car right in front of it, and jump out with camera ready, the eagles didn't seem to mind. It was as if they distrusted anything trying to sneak up on them, but if you were in plain sight where they could keep an eye on you, everything was ok.

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