Day 110: January 13, 2005 - Frozen Weeping Rock

by Christian Williams
The weather was very unique this year. The rapid changes in temperature from one day to the next led to waterfalls, icicles, and frozen plants that we have not experienced any other year in the park. The weather got so cold this morning that the plants all around this waterfall froze inspite of the water pouring down on them.

by Christian Williams
This large waterfall in front of Weeping Rock is usually just a trickle of water, but this winter it turned into a stunning waterfall from all the snow melt.

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365 Days in Zion is a photo experience by Karen and Christian Williams. Together, we spent an entire year in Zion National Park amidst snow, rain, flash floods, brush fires, and the beautiful sunny blue skies that typify Southern Utah in the United States of America.

365 Days in Zion National Park

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