Day 106: January 9, 2005 - Flash Flood

by Karen Williams
After several days of heavy snow, the temperatures warmed up, and the snow was followed by rain. This was the start of a historic 100-year flash flood, which devestated downstream Washington County.

by Christian Williams
What started in East Zion as little waterfalls completely flooded Pine Creek, with the river being added to by waterfalls from canyons throughout the park.

by Christian Williams
We of course hiked down toward the flooded Pine Creek area for a better view and better photos, and had to stop for a bit of fun.

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365 Days in Zion is a photo experience by Karen and Christian Williams. Together, we spent an entire year in Zion National Park amidst snow, rain, flash floods, brush fires, and the beautiful sunny blue skies that typify Southern Utah in the United States of America.

365 Days in Zion National Park

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