Day 96: December 30, 2004 - Bright Snowy Day

by Christian Williams
Southern Utah winters are full of beautiful sunshine. The day after it snows is especially beautiful with the sun sparkling on the snow. This picture was taken while standing next to the Checkerboard Mesa, looking out toward the East Rim.

by Christian Williams
The sun beams down on the unique landscape of the snow covered Checkerboard Mesa.

by Karen Williams
This sturdy little desert plant peeking out from the freshly fallen snow creates a vivid image of the desert in winter. Before living here I thought of snow falling on pine trees, but in Southern Utah the snow covers a variety of desert plants that I previously would not have associated with a snow covered landscape.

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365 Days in Zion is a photo experience by Karen and Christian Williams. Together, we spent an entire year in Zion National Park amidst snow, rain, flash floods, brush fires, and the beautiful sunny blue skies that typify Southern Utah in the United States of America.

365 Days in Zion National Park

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